Two Years of Service (Joe C. Dahl)

PFC Sutera said:

So I've been with Sgt. Dahl since I joined the 29th a little over a year ago when he was still just a PFC. Within that year, he has grown from a PFC in SLT, to a PFC squad leader, then promoted to Corporal, and now hes a Sergeant. The guy has been flying. He is a great leader, always down for a joke while still being able to maintain that serious nature we instill in the 29th. He helped develop the newly formed EP3S2 into a SUC winning squad as well as lead us to a first round victory during EBOTS. I'm proud to be his ASL and I know his squad mates are glad to have him as their fearless leader. Here's to another 2 years and more Sgt.!


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