One Year of Service (Matt Shields) 

Cpl. Crane said:

"Shields' name is a fitting one. He is, first and foremost, a shield. Not only for me, but for the entirety of EP3S1. On the battlefield he shields us with his accurate fire, dropping enough ammunition on the enemy to either keep them down or a single round to put a hole through a helmet and out the backside. Off the battlefield he shields me from even greater dangers than the enemy; the villainous paperwork that comes with the job of SL. And, even when I go down from poor plays and dumb positioning, Shields is there to pick up the slack and protect the squad with his cool head and solid leadership. To see him putting in more time with the 29th is always a good thing, because it means at no point will EP3S1 be without their trustworthy and ever present shield. Keep it up, Shields, and we'll see you this time next year for another quote!"


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