Badge (Adam K. Stachurski)

Cpl. Knezevic said:

Back in 2016, during 757 TP, you could see a bunch of level 20+ recruits standing in line, me included. And then you could see a level 99 player, who was back then a shining recruit, perhaps seen as the best addition to the Able company, who is now, T/5 Stachurski. Those were the good times. If someone would tell me that i would be awarding him a marksman badge, i wouldn't believe him. So it came as quite a surprise that he doesn't have one, even if it's his 2nd company. It is my honor to write up a text, and it's required for me to tell his exploits, how deadly you are. But instead of that, i will let your actions speak instead. The ones that were, and more importantly, the ones that will be . Let me be the first one to congratulate you, on yet another Rifle Marksmanship Medal, even if it's another company. Congratulations T/5 on your Rifle Marksman Badge, congratulations indeed!


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