Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Charlie)

FSgt. Balzer said:

On Sunday March 3rd, 2019 Charlie Company members, acting at the request of 2MRB , joined the action during the ArmA Tactical Combat(ATC) #9, Battle #5. This is the second time in these past weeks that the 2MRB has requested assistance, and Charlie boys were ready for the opportunity. 29th Members acting as "Delta-2" were assigned on Wheeled IFV and several MRAPS to, so as Delta-2 could act as motorized Infantry participating in an Assault on Altis' southeastern peninsula.

At 1900 UTC, Delta-2 rolled out of the main base towards the eastern side of Rodopoli. Once on site, Delta-2 encountered an enemy infantry element on a hilltop over watching Rodopoli, as well as friendly troops attempting to push into town. Delta-2 dismounted and made a swift push from the east and secured the hilltop. While doing a final sweep of the hill, an enemy CAS helo was spotted coming in from the south. After a few fly-by's, it did a rocket run on the hilltop, eliminating a small number of Delta-2's infantry. The infantry was swiftly called back to the M-ATV's where we received new orders to initiate our push towards Hill 127, which stood high above the main objectives. Delta-2 mounted up and rolled southeast through a swampy area and regrouped with the casualties from the hilltop as they were airdropped back into the AO. Once Delta-2 reached the southern edge of the swamp, they dismounted and got into position to assault Hill 127, which at this stage had been occupied by enemy infantry.

At approximately 2030 UTC, Delta-2 began assaulting up Hill 127. Receiving a large amount of small arms fire, they pushed through and scaled the eastern side of the hill. As the infantry pushed up the hill, the PANDUR II APC rolled further east to get eyes on the side of the hill. However, they were ambushed by enemy AT infantry and eliminated. While Delta-2 was on approach, an enemy MBT had set up at the very top, engaging friendly troops advancing to the main objectives from the north. Delta-2 snuck up on the east and T/4 Erb was tasked by Delta-2 Actual to use demolition charges to eliminate the tank. With over watch from the rest of Delta-2, T/4 Erb was able to successfully sneak up on the tank and eliminate it. After the charge was detonated, the crew promptly bailed out where they were swiftly struck down by the rest of Delta-2. After a final sweep of the area, Delta-2 called Hill 127 secure. After a few scattered CAS run's by the enemy, Delta-2 regrouped with the rest of the Delta elements and pushed south towards the first of the three objectives, at the town of Chalkeia.

At approximately 2050 UTC all Delta elements pushed on the first of the three objectives, where they were met with heavy enemy fire from both infantry, light vehicles and static machine guns. Delta-2 managed to get close to Chalkeia but we're ultimately cut down on approach to the first set of streets. Other Delta elements struggled to push down and most ended up pinned down on the approach, with a few individuals making it up to the first buildings and pushing in parallel to the surviving Delta-2 members. Ultimately, Delta was unsuccessful in securing the first objective, with most units getting eliminated on the attack.

While ultimately unsuccessful in the assault, the 29th members who volunteered to participate in this event fought with professionalism and skill. I have received the thanks of several 2MRB and ATC members for our participation. The efforts of Charlie Members put in have earned them accolades from other realism Unit Leaders is a sign we can all be proud of.

Official 2MRB AAR

SSgt. Butler
SSgt. Halls
T/4 Erb
T/4 Burg
Cpl. Vos
PFC Carlson
PFC Hardy
PFC Rodd
PFC Hekmatyar
PFC Falenty
PFC Drake
PFC Spence
PFC Carter
Pvt. B. Williams
Pvt. Cekic


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