Four Years and Six Months of Service (Eric J. Curran) 

PFC Mellinger said:

Sgt. Curran, the "Old Guy" of EP3. It's mind boggling seeing how long Sgt. Curran has been here in 29th. He was here in the glory days of Darkest Hour in Baker Company and climbed his way up to be a Sergeant and has done it again here in Easy Company. With his time here in the 29th, he has impacted many of us, including myself. When I was just a Private in EP3S2, I always looked up to him and admired his prowess on the battlefield. Not many people have the experience this guy has, which is his greatest strength. I don't think there is a thing this "Old Guy" hasn't seen yet. Congratulations on another AoCC and hope to see more further down the line.


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