Two Years of Service (David M. Vogel)

@“Sgt. Dott” said:

Well he's done it, everybody. T/5 Vogel has been here with us, through thick and thin, for two years now. I'm beginning to think that "quit" is a word which he does not know the meaning of, that "giving up," to T/5 Vogel, means to take a respite, and that "taking a break" is just plain gibberish. Over and over again his relentless attention to detail have proven to be an invaluable asset, and yet despite this attention to detail, to him, "impossible" seems to mean to try harder. I believe that I might need to purchase a dictionary and thesaurus for T/5 Vogel, they would even make a good gift to commemorate his 4th AOCC and 1st WW1 Victory Medal. Congratulations, if you know what that means, T/5.


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