Three Years of Service (Richard J. Chamberlain)

@“Cpl. Vos” said:

The year is 2015, it's a brisk August morning. R. J. Chamberlain pops on his computer, enlists with the 29th. Within 4 months he is blowing shit up with rockets and demo blocks. A few years have gone by. A quick hiatus in the middle. He no longer is launching rockets from a pipe. He now carries around a bunch of 44mm grenades and a plethora of colored smokes, for when his mates need the support. He has been a solid member of the 29th for 3 years now. He brings a level of excitement to Charlie and is a good guy to chat with from time to time. Glad to have you covering our backs and raining down fire from hell. Thanks for service PFC. Hope to see many more!


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