Badge (Erwan Pirou)

Cpl. Knezevic said:

Combat Action Badges shows the great dedication a soldier has put into the unit. Recruiting people, not only helps us maintain 29th as a whole, but it also helps us as a way for us to expand the unit, to make it better than it was before. This is why CAB is my favorite award to give out, and as a recipient of one, I am really glad that they are being given out again. PFC Pirou, a very competent combat engineer and well respected member of Dog Company, understood what recruiting means to the unit. It is not mandatory for a 29th member to recruit people, but if none recruited, we wouldn't exist. And he managed to recruit 2 people by himself, which makes him eligible for receiving his Combat Action Badge, 1st Award. 1st award of many, I hope. Congratulations PFC, and keep recruiting, you are doing an excellent job!


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