One Year of Service (Mahmoud J. Elbayed)

Sgt. Miochevich said:

Awarding an Army of Occupation Medal is a special occassion to any squad leader prone to nostalgia. It gives him an opportunity to think of the great times past once again, and of greater times yet to come; and there are few things quite as joyful as knowing that a member of your squad has been here for a while and is here to stay - maybe just for a couple more months, but hopefully for years. And even though I've served with him for a relatively short time, what a great time it's been so far with T/5 Elbayed! Our recently promoted Platoon clerk has received his promotion on a truly special anniversary - his first year in the 29th Infantry Division. This promotion comes as a well deserved recognition of his efforts, and his punctual and excellent handling of DP1 paperwork. Besides being an excellent and conscientious clerk who always reminds me of the need to do my paperwork (sorry for giving you headaches!), T/5 Elbayed is a loyal soldier, a great marksman, a real killer, and above all - an amazing person and a great friend. Serving with T/5 Elbayed has truly been a great honour, and it is my hope that this one year is only the beginning of many more yet to come. With that said, I am proud and very happy to present T/5 Elbayed with his second Army of Occupation Medal. Congratulations, T/5!


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