Four Years of Service (Tristan A. Speirs)

SSgt. Dethfield said:

I have known Sgt. Speirs since I arrived in 2015. Back then he was a fiery private from Baker who occasionally visited us in Able, always telling us about the various happenings over there in Darkest Hour. Since the big expansion he has been one of the most important NCOs around, helping to form the leadership base that we relied on so much in the early todays. Today he is EP2's most experience Sergeant and he continues his fiery antics with leading teams in platoon drills through well crafted plans, helping mold our SLT candidates to becoming future leadership and giving honest feedback and suggestions in all aspects of the platoon. This all stems from his extensive 4 years of service so we are proud present him with his either AoCC and his 2nd WW1 Victory medal.


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