Award (Matt A. Hamilton) 

Sgt. Dahl said:

All I can say about PFC Hamilton is that at this point I'm pretty sure every squad leader in the platoon knows who he is, because he guests every one of their drills each week almost without fail. He guests so much that it would put most leadership to shame. If there is a drill going on there is a pretty good chance that Hamilton will be there, always honing his skills and the skills of those around him. In fact it wouldn't be to far a stretch to say that Hamilton is the embodiment of good conduct he is what every member of the 29th should strive to be. Through guesting he is not only making himself and thus his squad better he is also making the whole platoon better by giving such fine resistance. It is rare to see that kind of dedication to the 29th and I am proud to have such a fine member in my squad. Hamilton this is something that you have earned ten times over. Congratulations!


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