Award (Joe C. Dahl) 

Cpl. Sutera said:

So for Sgt. Dahl. Let me tell you how much of a good boy this guy is. He guests nearly everything. Literally everything. He'll guest 2 or 3 drills in a row if its on the calendar and still make room to hang in teamspeak to make sure things are going well. As has been stated, he's like a dad of EP3S2 and even the company for that matter. He always makes sure during guesting that everyone is in line and being a formidable OPFOR for the squad drilling. He gets everyone readied up and set so that noone wastes drill time and the squad is able to get the most out of their drill. He truly strives to make every drill he attends is a learning experience for every around him and it shows among everyone who plays with him. This guy oozes good conduct so here it is Sgt. Congratulations and well earned.


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