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This thread compiles and updates our forums with the latest news and changelogs in Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45. If you catch or see any updates or news about the game, anywhere, feel free to post below with the information and the links!

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  1. Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 Returns! (September 13th, 2014)

Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 Returns!

(Source - September 13th, 2014)

enter image description here

Darkest Hour is back!

It has been nearly 3 long years since Darkest Hour has seen an official update. Despite there being no plans for future updates, the game and our community has endured. As developers, it is inspiring for us to see that even in the wake of newer titles in recent years, Darkest Hour keeps bringing people back for its unique brand of game-play.

It’s with this inspiration that we have decided to continue official development of the game.

Our goals for this coming update are exciting and numerous. Aside from a staggering amount of quality-of-life changes and bug fixes, the update will also include brand new maps, game-play elements, vehicles and infantry tools which will add greater depth to existing levels and enhance the way the game is played.

Player input is important to us! As such, we will be open about our development process by keeping you in the loop on exciting changes and additions as they are being made. As always, we invite any and all feedback and discussion on our forums!

We look forward to the weeks and months ahead as we share the development journey with you, and we are excited to breathe new life into this game we love so much.

See you on the battlefield!

The Darkest Hour Team

P.S. Note that the Darkest Hour team is now separate from the Festung Europa team and that we are not taking any development resources away from Jackboot Games.


  • Now accepting volunteers for private internal testing!

    (Source - April 20th, 2015)
    by: Theel


    The Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 development team is accepting a limited number of volunteers for a run of private internal testing for the coming update!

    This test will be to ensure the game, our tools, and our processes are stable and up to snuff for when we open the floodgates for public testing in the near future!

    How to Volunteer

    Join the Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 Test Team Steam group, and leave a comment on the announcement. The first 44 people to comment will be contacted personally via Steam by the developers (us!) to provide instructions on how to join the private test!

    Good luck!

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    Updated Melee System

    (Source - May 6th, 2015)
    by: Theel

    One thing I've always disliked about DH is its gamey, less than instinctive, and odd melee system. The other day I thought about looking into changing it and luckily the system is sound, it was the settings that were odd.

    What do I think is wrong with 5.1 melee combat specifically?
    On average a melee fight turned out like two mime's playing out a fight, but then suddenly one mime killed the other. It suffered from odd gamey mechanics like turning to your side to take less damage from an oncoming melee strike. Each attack had to be just right or it would miss, even though it seemed like it should hit. Attack speed was very slow, especially because of the silly "charge up" strike. Not sure how "charging" up the strike ever made it into RO/DH.

    The Updated System:
    Attacks are much easier to land now
    Attacks can be executed much faster
    Removed the silly -long- charge up, but left a -short- charge up, which basically makes it a bit more skill based, as you don't want to just go in and spam the melee key
    ^ Matched the weapon pull back animations to roughly match the new charge up timing (will seem much faster).
    Significantly reduced melee damage (more and easily attacks = less damage)
    Added damage factor for rear/side attacks (coming up behind the enemy will do more damage) - This should also defer people to use the gamey tactic to look to your side before receiving a strike.
    Reduced helmet ping sound volume/range for melee headshots (better for stealth kills)

    I think this new system will make melee both more realistic and more fun. So far melee fights are much more brutal, more screams and blood. If your opponent isn't looking at you, you can do a 1 strike kill with a bayonet. If your opponent is aware of you, you still can be skillful enough to knock his helmet off with your first attack, as he is disoriented, you can get behind him for a sure victory (or just stab him again in the face).

    Bayonets are still much better in melee.

    Does this mean it'll be hard to kill someone that has a gun out and starting to aim at you?
    Yes and No. Yes because it'll take more strikes to kill him (if he has full health). No because it'll be easier to hit him and because you can attack faster. If he cowards and tries to run away, it is your chance to quickly nab a rear strike doing much more damage, likely killing him.

    I've heard/read war veterans talk about melee fights, and most mentioned how no one ever came out of one unscathed. I've also witnessed special forces talk about knife fights and how almost always you'll receive damage, but the idea is to localize the damage to your offhand/arm. I feel this new setup will make it easier to output melee damage, which will make a melee fight a very dangerous option (for anyone), as most likely you'll be taking some damage. I also feel that this system will be less about silly game mechanics and offer a more brutal and authentic experience.

    Rear strikes. I feel that if you are aware of an incoming strike, you can better prepare for the blow and minimize some of the damage to yourself. However unaware you don't have that chance and an opponent can maximize their damage. The rear attack damage increase in the new setup, allows for 1 hit stealth-like kills. Otherwise if you came up behind an opponent it may take you 2-3 hits to kill him, which is a bit unfair as you did manage to get behind him without him being aware.

    I hope everyone enjoys.

  • Is turning your shoulder to your opponent gamey?
    It is exactly what fencers when they are not striking.

  • Rifle technique is being removed from game this update as well.

  • Public Testing Begins June 20th!

    (Source - June 6th, 2015)
    by: Basnett

    enter image description here

    The Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 team is proud to announce that we will officially begin a full-scale public beta test of update 6.0 starting on June 20th! This is to be one of the largest updates to the game we have ever done, so we need to make sure it's rock solid!

    The purpose of the public test will be to gauge community feedback on the myriad changes and new features, and to make the game as bug-free as possible before the update is finally released via Steam later this year.

    The public test is likely to run for several weeks. In this time, we will be hosting a 24/7 server that will cycle in new maps, content and bug fixes as they happen, so you will be able to play the latest builds at any time! We will also be holding large weekly events that will be announced here!

    We will be releasing the tentative change log, as well as instructions on how to join the public test on June 15th, so mark your calendars!

    To stay up to date with all the latest and to take part in the discussion, join the Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 Test Team Steam Group.

  • [DH]Theel said (June 8th, 2015):

    Some more information about Darkest Hour Europe 6.0:

    • 6.0 Public testing will be feature complete at launch, minus a few things we are still trying to fix. This means that 6.0 testing should be the exciting part as you get to experience everything we have been working on. We understand this will make the launch less exciting, but I think proper game play testing will greatly benefit the launch (which is more important than having a huge excitement for launch).

    • We claim this to be the largest update to DH yet, but we have not created much new content. Instead, our focus has been on extending the life of the game, making it timeless, improving the existing content, and polishing the game play. Our main three development fronts have been on code, levels, and level assets.

    • Many of our changes have been behind the scenes, a ton of work to optimize and simplify the game's code base. This does a few things for us developers. It makes the game more fun to work on, easier to work on (fix and add things), and will improve the script execution time.

    • The initial public test release will only contain a few levels. These levels have been our focus for public testing. As the public test goes on, I will add more levels to test. This is because each level needs updating to work with our new features and game play changes.

    • Our testing tool will update the 6.0 build automatically each time you launch the tool. It was created specifically to work with our development infrastructure and be as simple as possible for you (the end user). The tool will be released to everyone on June 15th along with the change log! This gives you 5 days to download 6.0 and get your settings how you want. You will also be able to sneak peek into levels using practice mode. The first test event will be June 20th, where we want to fill the server and test the server out. We are not sure how our server will perform with 50 players. Along with testing the server, we will also want to test the levels and game play. It may not go as smooth as we hope, but that is why we call it testing.

    • We will provide information on what we want from people as game play testers on the 15th. It is important to us that test events are specifically to test game play of maps, not find exploits, explore a level, or report specific issues. This means play the game, try your best, and to have fun.

    • Several community members have asked us how they can support the game and its development. People have asked us about starting a kick-starter; however, we feel that kick-starter is for starting a project not continuing one. Instead, we will have direct PayPal donations and I hope to start a Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/) campaign eventually. We will not be accepting any donations until after the 6.0 public testing starts. Doing so will allow everyone to first see the work we have done and the changes we have made. I am a bit apprehensive to ask for donations, but the reality is with enough donations, I can work on Darkest Hour as a full time job and continue its development past 6.0. I want to make it clear that donations should be specifically for the work we have done for 6.0 or will do in the future, not past work. If you want to donate for past Darkest Hour effort, you should contact the specific individuals you want to donate to and ask how to donate to them.

  • Today Baker company got invited to play DH 6.0, and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it. The change log will be released tomorrow but the biggest things that changed for me where-

    1. Sprinting now makes your aim a LOT slower

    2. No rifle technique

  • Thanks for everyone who showed up to the test. Those who love Lutremange, here is a teaser: https://slack-files.com/T02JZ9LB3-F06B9F12A-cfe0b67f82

  • I'd recognise that mountain anywhere.

  • It was excellent i few changes here and there and it will be on the right track...remember guys the more feedback the better for the Devs..

  • The Darkest Hour 6.0 is already out for public testing! Darkest Hour 6.0 Test Check it out and spread it to your friends so more people will get to try it!

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    Fallschirmjägergewehr 42

    Increase recoil while rested and deployed.


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    In case someone was wondering why DH/JBG forums were down:

    Jackboot Games Facebook said:

    For those of you wondering why the community forums have been offline, we have been busy behind the scenes in upgrading to a new platform that will allow us to provide a community enhancing experience through new tools and features. We are working as fast as possible to open up the forums for your use. We ask you kindly to put down your pitchforks and torches for another time. Thank you, Jackboot Games' Staff

    p.s. Updated links to follow to the OP:

    enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

  • @"T5 Tuomainen" said:
    In case someone was wondering why DH/JBG forums were down:

    Jackboot Games Facebook said:
    enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

    They said nothing about our flaming torches!

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    Update 6.0 Roadmap

    (Source July 9th, 2015)
    by: Basnett

    Hey guys!

    First off, we'd like to thank everyone so far who has participated in the tests and have provided feedback; it's been invaluable to discovering bugs or game-play situations we could not foresee without a full-scale test with real players. Thank you!

    We are still putting the final touches on the new update; though there is still much work to be done!

    Our engineers are currently clamping down on some pesky bug fixes, with luck and perseverance will we crush the majority of them. From an engineering standpoint, our big focuses this update has been squashing long-standing bugs and optimizing network performance. This has been no small task, but we are finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Those who played the tests might have noticed that the levels we showcased had a major face-lift; new trees, walls, grasses, fences, cover and objectives, just to name a few. This has been the result of tireless effort from our veteran level designer, Theel. This is hard and tiring work, especially since Darkest Hour now has a back catalog of 32 maps that need to supported.

    And while not all of the levels will be getting a full face-lift, we will make sure that all the existing levels will be updated to support the new deployment system so that there is a consistent game-play experience across all official content.

    Just so everyone's not totally in the dark, here are a couple of work-in-progress screenshots from the new version of Lutremange.

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    We will be scheduling another official test session when we have enough new content to justify rallying the troops once again!

    See you on the battlefield!

  • I just had to lift my jaw off the ground!

    When that map is ready you call us and we will fill that server up in no time just to play that beauty of a map!

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