Six Months of Service (Josh R. Enser) 

PFC Mellinger said:

T/5 Enser may have not been here as long as most of us here in the 29th, but that time does not reflect the amount of work he has done for the unit. This man has recruited MASSIVE numbers here in Easy Company allowing the whole company to expand, almost single-handedly. As of today, he has recruited 82 people which averages out to about 3 recruits a week which is unreal. He has also earned one of the rarest badges in 29th, the recruiters badge, as well as a promotion to T/5. For his first 6 months, you can't deny this young lad hasn't impacted Easy Company in a tremendous way. Congratulations, T/5 Enser, on another milestone and hope to see many more AoCCs coming your way.


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