S&D public server and bots

I would like to describe a problem and request an S&D server admin action if possible.

PROBLEM: This is simple, there are only few people who play S&D and if you wait for anyone to show up, you don't have anything to do on the server. Even if anyone appears it's usually one person. 1on1 matches are good in a game like Quake, but not in realism game based on cooperation.

REQUEST: I would like to kindly request some bots added (8-12 bots should be enough I guess, as the maps are not that large) to have something to train with when waiting for more players to show up.

REASON: Bots would be a nice distraction and some (limited) support. For example - I waited yesterday for anyone to show up, and finally after some time one person from clan D A O S came, but as there were only two of us, the match wasn't neither realistic, nor much fun, as you can imagine. Especially bolt action rifles soldiers must rely on others' help/cooperation to be effective.

Pvt. Mendera


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    There is not Bot support for S&D. Hence, no bots on our server.

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