One Year of Service (Rielly C. Saunders)

PFC Mellinger said:

PFC Saunders has been here for quite some time now and has been of one the greater presences here in Easy Company. Over the last year, he has managed to get three Marksman Badges with the Rifle, Combat Engineer, and the Grenadier. What’s even more impressive is that he is great with each of these AITs, especially his trusty Grenadier. The shots this man can land with his GL is impressive. There are many drills where he comes out with numerous kills, almost exceeding over ten. It’s scary to know when this man is guesting your drill knowing you are facing against this triple threat. Congratulation, PFC Saunders, on your One-Year Anniversary here in the 29th and your 2nd AoCC. Let’s see that Rainbow next year.


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