Badge (Angela Bailey)

Cpl. Crane said:

Everyone who's anyone knows Bailey; she has a history of being just as deadly with her words as one would expect with her AIT. Ignoring certain situations where a particularly hot gust of air jetting from the back of her weapon ended up giving me need to bandage, Bailey has developed a consistent skill with her anti-tank weapon hunting down and destroying all manner of metal-clad vehicles. Most notably, she has become particularly effective at putting rockets in windows many meters away. Whether it hits the target or the enemy luckily dashes outside of the room just before the fateful impact and onset explosion, her ability to find a target and put a rocket in it is without question. Now, so armed with her sharp tongue, quick wit, and explosive weaponry, I'd say PFC Bailey is ready to take on any enemy on the battlefield with one tool or the other.


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