Badge (Bradley J. King)

Sgt. Dahl said:

Well it's about time. PFC King has been running a metaphorical train on his competition ever since he first got his AR. It's not only his mechanical skill with the weapon that makes him so dangerous though, it's his game sense and knowledge that really sets him apart from his peers. If you watch King play for any amount of time you can see that he has a tendency to be right where he needs to be whenever the fighting breaks out. That's not something you can teach someone that is something that they get from playing the game. King is constantly trying to improve through pubbing and, spending as much of his free time as possible terrorizing the rest of the EP3 at their own squad drills. King is the ideal AIT holder in that way, he backs up any natural talent with the will to improve and has shown that he is willing to spend the hours needed on honing his craft. Congrats PFC King you've defiantly earned it.


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