One Year of Service (Jein Lee)

Cpl. Crane said:

There's nothing more well known to my squad than the laugh of PFC Lee. That hearty laugh comes in at just about any point and revitalizes the squad between rounds like nothing else. In this last half year of his time with the 29th, however, he's come beyond using his trusty grenade launcher and laughter to support EP3S1. That's right, PFC Lee went from Squad Member to our official Assistant Squad Lee. With his transformation he has had considerable effects across the squad, ranging from increases in productivity, assistance with leading on the field, and all manner of other things. This year has been a doozy with Lee on board and I, for one, am certainly excited to see what this next year might bring. Good on you, Assistant Squad Lee, and I hope to see you losing that "Assistant" by next year, as will be well deserved.


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