Award (William J. Pepper)

Last year, Cpl. Pepper took over the reins as the go-to man for all things RS2 map development. Although he had been a DH level technician, Cpl. Pepper put his skills to use in resurrecting Fort Meade which had been in a state of unplayability for months. Not only did Cpl. Pepper learn the nuances of Unreal Engine 3 for this task, but he has also spent the past 10 months more or less updating the map every time Tripwire Interactive decides to break it with a game update. For some reason, Cpl. Pepper was never commended for his actions and considering that he has been doing his job with little recognition since I think it is time that we appreciate all the things Cpl. Pepper has done to keep Dog Company moving, not to mention some of the side projects he's been working on. So for your consistency, you're being awarded the Armed Forces Service Medal. Congrats Corporal.


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