You know you are a member of the 29th when...



  • @"2Lt. Nelson" said:
    When you clean out your keyboard and imagine disassembling an M4A1 PIP...

    This is my keyboard. Their are many like it, but this one is mine.

  • When you're in TS during one of the Dog Company Squad drills and you hear a squeaky dog toy in someones background.

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    When you recreat Sgt Elias death scene of film Platoon , during the last company drill in the last round with the lost of PFC Antoine

  • When in your first DP1 Platoon drill your hearts pounding and you forehead is dripping with sweat as you clear the objective building.

  • When your Troop Sargent Major jacks you up because you used the wrong phonetic alphabet

  • When you reply 1s and 2s to questions

  • when you call Sgt Svenson Sgt Stevenson at least once

  • When you get shot because you fired too soon in a CORD!

  • When you re-enlist for another tour.

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    @"PFC Saerens" said:

    When you re-enlist for another tour.

    Still disABLEd though ;)

    Also, when you say "It's live" when you un-pause your multiplayer game in Crusader Kings 2.

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    Doing a 90 in a 65 to be on time to catch your ASL's SLT scrim

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