Three Years and Six Months of Service and Badge (Jacob A. Bruneau)

FSgt. Cyr said:

Sergeant Bruneau has been in the unit quite a while now, having had a rough up and down start in the early part of his career and turning it around to become a rising star in Dog and eventually leading our newest platoon. Also having been a participating member in Lighthouse originally as an ADI of course, he is now a full blown DI. Those who know him appreciate him as a very active and strong-willed person, always around and always willing to help. He is someone as skilled in mingling with others from all over as he is in fighting in the forests of Vietnam with his sub-machine guns and in any other combat environment. Whether it is leading men into combat or leading his men by example, Sergeant Bruneau is a standout member of the 29th and any game we may or may not be in. With all this said and displayed, it is with Dog Company's pleasure and pride to award Sergeant Bruneau not only his 7th AOCC but also his Marksmanship Badge AQB for his performance with the Sub Machine Gun weapons system. Keep up the great work, Sergeant, and Congratulations.


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