Badge (Terry N. York) 

Cpl. Furie said:

Over the past few months all those that dare charged EP2S1 fell to their grave as a murderous RAT-A-TAT-TAT sang out ov'r the fields. Hot lead spewing forth from PFC York's machine gun. The barrel glowing red with the anger and aggression of a charging rhino. So run and hide you shall for none survive York's hot lead injections, dosage: 850 rounds/minute. Seriously though PFC York is not your average MG gunner.....he is slightly above average and is a pleasure to have in the squad. One of the few left in the squad that helped them to their victory in EBOTS, we are looking forward to his guidance in winning the next, and so we have finally decided that he has more than proved himself and is being awarded his Automatic Rifle Marksman Badge! Congrats PFC York! RAT-A-TAT-TAT.


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