Badge (Stone I. Plaskiewicz)

Cpl. Crane said:

Months ago I wrote about EP3S1's very own PFC Plaskiewicz, then a Private getting his EIB, his rifle marksman badge, and his promotion to PFC. Those were different times, with a different Plask, but even then I had a sense of the lad. I commented how he was our very own Polish Winged Hussar and boy, he has lived up to it. It is no coincidence that as our fine squad picked up our new logo, Winged Hussar wing and all, our own Hussar stepped into the cockpit of his vehicles to put a fire underneath our enemy. It matters not what this fine warrior encased in steel and titanium is riding in, his ability to strike pain into enemies near and far is without question. Though we have taken the name Dragoons, as proper mounted infantry that we are, PFC Plaskie lives up to his Winged Hussar ancestors and keeps their history alive. Well done, PFC Plaskie, and we hope to see you keep doing your glorious work!


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