Badge (Ludio G. Filho)

Sgt. Dahl said:

I remember back in AP3 Filho was one of those guys that everybody knew, because everyone had been killed by him in every way possible whether it was the knee mortar and flamethrower or his tank Filho killed all of us too many times to count. For those that don't know PFC Filho discharged before the expansion and when he came back he was put in my squad. At first, he struggled a bit mostly because he had almost no hours in the game, but he rapidly improved he not only kept 100% attendance through his first couple months here, he also guested every drill that he could. The results speak for themselves in just a few short weeks he went from getting one kill in a week to getting 3-4 kills a drill and becoming an excellent all-around rifleman. Congrats PFC Filho you worked hard for your rifle marksman and you definitely deserve it.


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