Six Months of Service (Logan A. Tousignant) 

PFC Deb said:

Pvt. Tousignant has been in the 29th for a little over six months now. He has been a unique individual from the day I met him. Starting off in DP2, Touse has been a funny and jovial person. He worked with his teammates and help his squad win rounds. Touse helped keep his squad moral up by posting funny content to them and being an open person. In battle, Pvt. Touse is a skilled fighter with the ability to eliminate targets quickly. He works with the people around him and uses teamwork along with call outs to eliminate targets. He recently had joined DP3, and I am proud to have had him with me. He keeps amazing attendance and guests. With this in mind, it is time for Pvt. Touse to receive his 1st AOCC. Congratulations, Pvt. Touse, and here is to many more.


  • Congrats on the 6 months, here's to another 6!

  • Dang time goes fast! Can't believe it's been 6 months already. Congrats on your first AOCC Pvt.!

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