Badge (Kaleb A. Kent) 

PFC Deb said:

I have known PFC Kent from the day he started his 29th career. I was in DP2S1 with him when he received his Combat Engineer position. In his start with CE, he had a few "mishaps" but grew to be one of the best CE players I know. His ability to be a supportive force for the squad and the teammates around is astonishing. If he is using the RPG or Thumper, he can bombard entire objectives forcing the enemy to hunker down and allow our squad to advance. Kent makes sure to know his surroundings and communicate with the squad before using his explosive weaponry in order to protect us from unnecessary casualties. Since moving to DP3S2, he has continued to be an asset to the squad and supportive. His abilities are unfathomable, and it is time for PFC Kent to receive his Combat Engineer Marksmen Badge. Congratulations, PFC Kent, and keep up the good work.


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