Badge and Award (Drake H. Perez-Pantoja) 

SSgt. Dethfield said:

PFC Perez-Pantoja, or "PP" as we often call him, has quickly become an important member of Easy company. He has not only quickly progressed to his current rank, but has continued to become more involved in the unit in a wide variety of ways. He has coding skills which has allowed him to taken on the responsibility of managing our mods, he has photoshop skills that has put to very good use by designing a huge amount of new logos and images for us, and lately he has even succeeded in recruiting 5 new members. To top it off, this jack-of-all-trades does this all while guesting numerous drills and providing valuable skill in combat. Clearly his short time here so far has not held back his ability to contribute to the unit in many positive ways. For all of these reasons we will be awarding him a Good Conduct Medal as well his CAB2. Awesome job, PP.


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