One Year and Six Months of Service (Stanley J. Turner) 

PFC Newton said:

I remember PFC Turner from when I first came to EP2S2. He’s been with the squad for a whole year and half now, and he’s been a memorable guy the entire time. Back when I first got here, he was the most experienced Pvt. and he helped be a friendly face to accept those newbies like me into the squad. Nowadays Turner has become a senior PFC and he’s one of my rocks. He’s deadly with his MG, and I always know that I can assign him a fireteam and they’ll be in capable hands. I also know that if I get sniped, Turner will make sure the squad carries out its mission. Now he’s not only a guiding hand for the new guys, but for the entire squad and I’m glad he’s here. Without PFC Turner, S2 would have a gaping hole in it’s chest and I look forward to being around for your rainbow. It’s been an amazing ride Turner, here’s to another six months.


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