Badge (Sean P. Oittinen)

PFC Tilley said:

PFC Oittinen is the guy behind the trigger on that MG that just so happens to be lighting up that flimsy thatch hut you're hiding in. With great attendance, remarkable customs and courtesies, and the fighting spirit of a tiger, this outstanding PFC sure does know his way around a lead spittin' machine known to laymen (people who don't have the MG AIT) as a "machine gun.” As a fellow lead spitter, I know the sheer amount of rage it takes within one to keep that thing firing until the barrel warps, and PFC Oittinen seems to expel all of that rage down-range; because, at first glance he has the demeanor of someone akin to the inferior Light AIT. You know what they say, "Speak softly and carry a big stick!" Excellent work.


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