Badge (Joshua S. Evarts) 

SSgt. Dethfield said:

Every platoon has that one guy. The guy that seems to just kills loads of people no matter what he is assigned to. The guy that never seems to miss and always punishes you for small mistakes. You look out a window a little too long, you cross the street a little too late and he is right there to put you down. In EP2, PFC Evarts is that guy. He came to everyone's attention very early on in his career when he earned Easy Company's first Silver Star during an OCS scrim and he has not stopped this habit of racking up high kill counts. As expected of that guy, he is a dedicated rifleman. Eschewing explosives or belts of ammunition, he carries on with his simple rifle because that is all he really needs. It is now no surprise to anyone that we will be awarding Evarts his Rifle Sharpshooter Badge.


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