Six Months of Service (Sean M. Dewey)

Sgt. Curran said:

PFC Dewey is an interesting lad to say the least. It was not to long ago that he joined our little family but in that short time he has made a home for himself. One of the few people i can always ask for information on the game that i may not know but i know for a fact he will have researched it and be more then willing to give out his insight. PFC Dewey is one of Ep3's rising crewmen stars which gives me great pride as it was my favorite cap that i have worn in my time here and he is always ready to take criticism and praise in equal measure. All and all he is an asset to the squad and to easy as a whole and am proud to see his rise these past 6 months and i cannot wait to see his one year. Here's looking at you kid maybe if you ask nicely we will do CORDs i know how much you enjoy them.


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