Three Years and Six Months of Service (Andrew J. Grimes)

Cpl. Gibson said:

T/5 Grimes is okay I guess. He does an adequete job clerking, occasionally gets some kills with his CE, and even shows up to a drill every now and then. Nah Grimes is a good guy and I am very happy to have him in the squad, platoon, and unit. He really does excel at all of his positions and helps to make everyone better. Now only if he would stop playing stupid stuff on soundboard. So yeah, he has been around for Three and a half years now. As SSgt. Robles said, "It would be more if he hadn't discharged for a few months like a loser." Yes that is true, he is a loser, but he is our loser and I am happy to celebrate his Three and a Half year birthday. Congrats on your 7th AoCC!


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