Six Months of Service (Matt A. Hamilton)

Sgt. Dahl said:

Time really flies doesn't it? It feels like yesterday when Pvt. Hamilton was assigned to S2 . He made a quick impression on myself and his ASL because, he was not only an effective rifleman but, he loved guesting drills. It was because he guested so many drills that he got good with his rifle and quickly got promoted to PFC. This is when the Hamilton that everyone knows showed up and started demolishing drills with his AR. He gained quite the reputation for guesting drills and stomping the poor squad whose drill it was that time. PFC Hamilton is the best example of what an excellent squad member is supposed to be and any squad leader can only hope to be so lucky to receive a squad member who is as good as PFC Hamilton. Congrats on your first six months in the unit Hamilton and, keep up the good work.


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