Six Years and Six Months of Service (Alex W. Crane)

PFC Lee said:

When 2Lt. Kelso in EP3S1 had to step down, from the abyss, came a man whom I did not know, the only thing I heard about him was that he was an old veteran in the 29th, this man however, was about to give me and the rest of the squad the most anxiety elevating, rectum clenching and laugh inducing time that we could ever possibly have in the 29th. That man is Corporal Crane. When he came to take the place as squad leader in EP3S1 he was incredibly enthusiastic, and it rubbed off on absolutely everyone in the squad. This is because as much of a great person this man is in general, he is just as good as a leader - standing high in morale, performance, and overall rapport, without the magical powers of this fine young but old man, EP3S1 would not be where it is now. Mr. Crane, you were old when you came in, and now you are even older. Your squad wishes you nothing but the best in your, and our future endeavors. Congratulations on your 13th AOCC, Cpl. Crane!


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