Six Months of Service (Alex Peterson) 

Cpl. Newton said:

Something I’ve realized in my time in the 29th is that you never know who you’re going to run into here. Peterson is one of those guys I don’t think I ever would’ve met anywhere else. He’s an eccentric character in the best of ways. He’s our resident narcoleptic and constantly falls asleep at the most random times. Despite this, he still manages a pattern of sleep, kill 3 guys, sleep again that I still don’t understand, but I fully appreciate both for winning drills and providing a constant source of bizarre hilarity. There is more to Peterson than that though, during his waking time he’s a pretty outspoken and comedic guy, who apparently likes to travel to Japan and buy body pillows, among other misadventures he gets into in his free time. Although he’ll deny the body pillow, one thing you can’t deny is that Peterson is part of the soul of S2. Here’s to another 6 months.


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