One Year and Six Months of Service (Fabian G. Yukki)

T/5 Elbayed said:

There is always that special memory you have in mind regarding the first days in the 29th especially in your training platoon, a special relationship between you and your fellow Training Platoon recruits and the drill instructors, T/5 Yukki was a matter of fact one of the Assistant Drill Instructors of my Training Platoon that I always remember him having this friendly yet disciplined behavior as expected from DIs and ADIs. He was the clerk of DP1 who never refused to answer my inquiries when asked. He unfortunately due to RL commitment had to discharge while keeping in touch with other soldiers around, It is fortunate that he now has the time to come back to be in the front lines so he reenlisted and now we are celebrating his 3rd Army of Occupation medal for one and a half year of service! Congratulations T/5, I hope many ‘continuous’ more to come.


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