Six Months of Service (Cameron A. Bushelman)

Cpl. Hussey said:

It's hard to think that this man served in EP3S4 for only four months, even when I served with him and EP3S1 he has been a man with a dedication to his squad. An enjoyable young man to have been in the squad he's very lively and tactical, sometimes his calm voice is a reassurance even when we're in a hard situation to take a breath because we're about to kick some ass. He feels so ingrained with their squad it almost feels like he has been here forever, I can't really think back to a time where I haven't yelled at PFC Bushelman to blow something up or cause havoc for the opposing's team. But this marks months, six months of showing up, performing duties and kicking as much ass as he can. For that, I would like to congratulate him on six months and his first AoCC. Keep on your course stay strong as always. Ever forward!


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