Badge (Sebastian A. Strickland)

PFC Baron said:

PFC Strickland joined S1 in mid October last year, the then Pvt. already had experience with fully automatic weapons due to his service in the Danish Home Guard. Fast forward a few months and the new PFC picks up the AR AIT. Ever since that day the PFC has done nothing but improve and develop into a true Squad Machine Gunner, he learned a lot from one of the most experienced MG's in the unit but ultimately developed his own play style taking tricks from his IRL experience and implementing them into the game to best support the S1, whether it be on the attack or the offensive you can count on PFC Strickland to be there watching your back. It's best advised to keep grenades out of the PFC's hands and just give him the MG instead. Well done PFC, I am proud to award you with the AR Marksman badge. Continue to develop and I want to see that Expert badge on you in the future!


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