Six Months of Service (Jake Lee)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

PFC J. Lee, what a guy. In the span of only 6 months, he has been promoted to PFC, holds staff jobs from Quartermaster to Light House, and made himself known throughout the entire unit. His amiability is quite something to behold and to be honest, I have never seen anyone more enthusiastic and eager to reach out to everybody like that before. As a soldier, PFC J. Lee frequently amasses crazy amounts of kills every drill across companies. As a coworker, he has made the Enlistment Liaison job far less arduous than it would be. As a friend, he has always been there for me and everyone else in the squad whenever we need him. I honestly feel very lucky to have him here in my squad because J. Lee has created such a large impact in everyone's lives and the squad's spirit as well. I have no doubt his future is as bright as a star but for now, we recognize PFC J. Lee for his first amazing 6 months in the unit and what I'm sure is the first of many AOCCs to come.


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