Badge (Kennet R. Pedersen)

Cpl. Pepper said:

PFC Pedersen has been in S1 for close to 8 months now since coming over from AP2. In this time, he has proven he is not only a great sniper in RO2 but a great rifle player in RS2. If you were to give Pedersen a Mosin and put him on a flank you know that flank will be held. When he is not shooting stuff, he is giving us covers of his bass playing, and providing us with great insight on Sweden… Denmark..? Norway, that’s the one! PFC Pedersen is the first member to receive the Rifle Sharpshooter Badge in Dog Company. So, Congratulations PFC Pedersen for being an outstanding member in our squad and is no longer our Honorary Rifleman in our squad but finally a Rifleman!


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