Badge (David Drake)

@“Sgt. Warner” said:

"Thoomp!" The preamble to the song of destruction. The Composer? PFC Drake. During the last 6 months in the Grenadier role, PFC Drake has gone from Nervous Nelly to a down-right absolute righteous Non-Nervous Nelly. He drops GL in the laps of the hapless and rains shrapnel on the newly hole-full. PFC Drake has always had the drive to do better and improve. This has helped the squad grow as a whole and folks have took notice. I have received PMs from other members of leadership about the hard work they witnessed PFC Drake putting in while guesting in their drills. This says so much about his personality and willfulness to push a little harder. Congratulations, PFC Drake, on earning your Grenadier Marksman Badge.


  • Lotta people had to be molecularity rearranged by 40 mike mikes to get this badge... Thanks for blowing people up for us.

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