Badge (Petar Miochevich)

SSgt. Novak said:

Sgt. Miochevich used to step out a lot. It's not only about being a leader you can put your trust and life on but also a person with a wide range of skills and abilities which makes him not only suitable for the purpose he's currently involved in but also for multi-tasking in almost any possible area of the unit's life at a time. No matter what question or issue you may have - you can always seek some help from him, even if its not his area of work at all. Having people being reliable, trustworthy and prone to improving themselves is a quality which can not be underrated by any means. Despite being involved in his heavy duties at some fronts, he still managed to find time to utilize and greatly improve his skills with the rifle recently and, in my opinion, should be properly and immediately awarded for his efforts. With all that said I award him his Rifle Marksman Badge and sincerely hope to see this skill being not just a constant threat to the enemies but also a thing to be even more improved soon! Congrats!


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