Two Years of Service (Nemanja K. Knezevic)

SSgt. Novak said:

It's been just a week or so since Cpl. Knezevic, brushing aside all (if any existed) possible concerns and doubts of his weapon skill, was awarded, but one more occasion brings him upwards to be cheered again. Since the day of his assignment he never ceased to impress me with his attendance and general persistence to break all possible barriers, literally ramming them with his stubbornness and determination to become even better and again, better than before going to sky high levels of not only skill but trust as well. I'm happy with having such a person around and can barely find anyone who's not. It came to my notice that he recently hit a very important milestone in his career, being with us for 2 years which makes me eligible to award him his 4th Army of Occupation medal and also, 1st World War I Victory Medal.


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