Three Years of Service (Jakob Vonk) 

SSgt. Butler said:

When I think of CP2, there are a few people that instantly come to the forefront of my mind. One of them is Cpl. Vonk. In many ways, he's had a huge hand in shaping the CP2 that stands before us today. Running BCT more or less solo for months and months on end, many of us here had their first experience of the 29th with the Cpl., and judging by the crowd before us, he did a good job in helping guide their first steps in the right direction. A man of sound judgment, the Cpl. knows what to do in every situation to my satisfaction and I greatly value his perspective, even though he is a weird and cagey bastard. All jokes aside, Cpl. Vonk is one of the pillars of CP2 and has been so for so long, it's hard to imagine the place without him. Three years to be exact.

For this, I am most pleased to award him his 6th AOCC for three years well spent. Congratulations Cpl.


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