Five Years and Six Months of Service (Alexander Novak)

Ssgt. Peroni said:

Staff Sergeant Novak is definitely one of the most experienced people I had the pleasure to work with in my years in the 29th ID. His immense experience and dedication came as no short of a blessing when he was transferred to DP1, effectively providing a major help in stabilizing the platoon and taking it to where it currently stands today. I could not have asked for a better partner. Not only he is a crucial asset for the 29th as a whole, but to the Company and Battalion as well in his pluriannual position as Drill Instructor for the Able, Baker and now Dog companies, forming many of the current members of the community through BCT. Shortly put, SSgt. Novak is one of those guys whose work made the 29th what it is. Today, we are celebrating the SSgt's 11th Army of Occupation medal, for an outstanding total of five years and six months of service. Congratulations, SSgt.


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