Six Months of Service (Joshua S. Evarts) 

Sgt. Minor said:

For someone just being in for 6 months, PFC Evarts sure has done alot as you can easily see from his service jacket alone. Silver Star 3 months into the unit, PFC with badges a month after that, followed by a Sharpshooter Badge and CAB 1 3 months later. But Evarts is more than is jacket. Time and time again, Evarts pushes toward overwatch positions to gain a clear view of enemy locations or objectives and provides excellent intelligence and cover fire. He is also a major workhorse for the squad, at times doing a majority of the killing for the squad. Evarts is pretty close to being a Hollywood action hero from how many stunts he has pulled so far. He does his fair share of labor for the unit too, working for three different Corps. His most well know is being camera operator, which I may make rougher than needed due to my colorful word choice. Even beyond that, he provides excellent instruction to the squad and even a few laughs from the squad. PFc Evarts, your 6 months here have been one hell of a ride for both you and the squad. Congratulations on your first AoCC and I am honestly terrified at what you are gonna pull off in another 6.


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