Six Months of Service (James C. Thomas) 

Cpl. Furie said:

PFC Thomas has been with EP2S1 for 6 months now. When I joined the squad we had only 1 PFC, drastically short of veteran members and in desperate need of AITs. PFC Thomas came to the rescue of the squad, it was a clear choice that he deserved the promotion and with him the squad has been going through changes and solidifying into the next generation of Deathdealers. He has been working on his combat engineer AIT recently and looking for moments to prove himself in drills and out. As he grows in the squad the squad itself grows and places a new stone in our history. I am happy that PFC Thomas is in our squad and welcome him to stick around for the next 6 months and beyond. Thank you PFC Thomas for your time in S1, and congrats on your first AOCC, hopefully more to come!


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