One Year of Service (Nicholas M. Hussey) 

Cpl. Gibson said:

Cpl. Hussey has done quite a bit in his short time here in the 29th, which honestly is kind of obvious since he has that there extra chevron. The good Corporal is an ADI for Squad GMT, giving his services to benefit other platoons that his own. On top of that he contributes his talents to Engineer Corps, something that not just any 29th member can do, so that is a pretty cool thing I guess. He is an Assistant Squad Leader which is a position he has embraced enthusiastically and even though I keep telling him to STOP TYPING IN ALL CAPS to only be ignored, he does a decent job and I am happy to have him. Now with all of this stuff on his resume already something that may surprise you is that Cpl. Hussey has more chevrons than AoCCs, which is odd. So now we get to fix that. Here is your Second Army of Occupation Medal for One year of service. I expect you to be a Sgt. within the next 6 months.


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