Four Years and Six Months of Service (Logan B. Albers)

Sgt. Dahl said:

PFC Albers has been around for awhile now, he was even a squad leader back in the day. I wasn't around back then so i'll talk about what he's done since coming to Easy and boy is it a lot. Ever since coming back to the 29th he has taken up the mantle of Combat engineer, which if you didn't know is one of the most competitive AIT's in Easy company, and he has been doing an excellent job with it not only is he an asset to the squad but, the entirety of 3rd platoon. Not only is he a great player but, he also generally wants to make Easy company better through guesting which he does quite frequently, providing good competition for all the squad in EP3 and even EP2. Congrats on your 9th AoCC I hope we have the pleasure of seeing you stick around for your 10th


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